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Correct, complete and current documentation is extremely critical to achieve alignment amongst multiple subscribers in the platform ecosystem. Moreover with multiple parties involved in any chain of activities, efficiency gains from automation will be compromised if we are unable to build alignment in actions across the chain. This needs consistent clarity and common orientation. You will acknowledge the importance of documentation in sharing the intensive insights about the features and functionalities; the extensive experience from design to deployment of the platform; and blending it with diverse business contexts. Documentation has the potential to improve utilization and realization of benefits of the services and solutions. Solid understanding stemming from the advice and insights in the materials contained in such documentation may substantially enhance user' ability to successfully utilize the service or to enjoy the power and potential of the service.

Besides the documentation about the platform, there is a diverse set of rules based on your business context, the type of subscriber or related to your products. These are factored through specific documentation provided by the respective subscribers. Broadly we may classify the documentation into the following:

  • Provider-Driven: Generated/issued by us, and as amended from time to time. Generally includes (not limited to) HOPs, PAFs and other reports, papers, blogs and other materials published in the info-center.
  • Subscriber-Driven: Generated/issued by you, and as amended from time to time. Generally includes COGs.
  • Service-Driven: Generated by both us and the Subscriber, and as amended from time to time. Generally includes EFSs.

Being a multiparty platform, we urge all parties/subscribers to honor and conform to applicable documentation to maintain discipline in actions and inactions required for the smooth operations and efficiency of the platform ecosystem. Everyone shall cooperate and collaborate in maintaining adequate documentation and other related information to build and maintain alignment of expectations and actions in the interest of their own business and/or to fulfil their obligations towards other subscribers.

Every subscriber may establish new policies and procedures for your use of the services as we deem necessary for the optimal performance of the services within their organization and amongst their networks.

Suggested Processes, Standard Workflows, Best Practice and New Feature Guidance: In our documentation, we provide best practice recommendations to improve performance and efficiency. We make recommendations on how new features, functionalities and platform offerings may fit your use case. Although the platform may have processes and workflows that may suggest a way of doing business, the design of the same is not recommending a specific way over the other. You are responsible for your business and the choice of its processes.