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Open new avenues to drive business forward.

Online expo design on Hotlink runs a twin menus setup for parallel navigation of products and content. The twin menus are like the exhibition and conference zones of a physical event; relatable and self-explanatory - hence they simplify the experience for everyone.

Structural Components - Most Online Expo Events hosted on Hotlink are structured into segment tradeshows, conference tracks, trade networks, private portfolios and custom digital contracts (with opportunity to extend into one-to-one contracts and commerce with end-to-end data visibility and full connected enterprise functionalities).

Periodic Refresh - Rotational focus renews engagement and eases the overload of ongoing information explosion into periodical batches. Releasing content in batches and organizing it into tracks schedules attention, anticipation and participation for better business outcomes and steadily reshapes the industry.

Keystones of the Hotlink platform come to life with everyone and for everyone


Drive business forward; do more business and outperform together; always-on to keep it live and keep at it; gain growth and profitability alongside live-connect to collaborate more and more for your business and for your industry-at-large; spark connections with a strong bias for action


Personalization and clarity are prime; flexibility to uniquely configure and make it fit-for-purpose; setup one-to-one trade arrangements; clarity across big picture and deep-dive; drive deeper understanding, actionable consensus and meaningful outcomes; spark progress and reshape thinking towards a better business world with continuous interaction, innovation and impact


Open, neutral and equal cloud; anytime anywhere access and convenience to drive higher participation; align flexibly and appreciate freely; MSME focus to streamline trade networks as brands are increasingly working with MSME traders to expand market reach; MSME subsidy to make it economical for everyone





Why Visit?

Create opportunities that drive business forward

  • Market access - discover new connections and map existing networks; find and get found
  • Explore more options of brands and products - expand your portfolio; preview new product launches and emerging technologies
  • Easily trigger product inquiries, quotation request and sales calls
  • Cut efforts and save time as you exploit the organized catalogs and product information in a structured item classification
  • Participate in the industry-wide event - keep abreast and develop deeper understanding of current industry issues and developments; drive progress at-large and sectoral reforms by shaping opinions and consensus; appreciate, acknowledge and recognize industry professionals
  • Gain insights with latest thinking & trending - keep pace with market developments; learn from experts; know what's happening
  • New business, trade deals and promotions
  • Harmonize one-to-one digital contracts
  • Organize private portfolios with custom collections as appropriate for your business
  • Opportunity to extend into connected commerce
  • Save time, efforts and resources, cut costs through new initiatives
  • Anytime anywhere convenience to browse frequently

Anytime Anywhere Access for Everybody

All industry professionals and companies are invited


Passion is the single most common attribute that brings and binds industry leaders and progressive thinkers to gather and collaborate as faculty for the expo. Each one of them promote an infectious passion for progress.

Faculty are The Industry Shapers - These members of the Hotlink Community serve as a valued source of advice on issues of importance to the current and future design of this expo to maximize its leverages and impact on the industry-at-large.

Hotlink Faculty Rooms - Active contributors and council members get access to fellow opinion leaders and influencers in the Hotlink Faculty Room for the expo. This enables them to drive consensus and build a common language to align voices and efforts towards shared goals, agendas and reforms.

Think Tank - Contributors - Pool of influencers, storytellers, authors, speakers and thinkers who drive dialogue, action and change with their thought provoking insights.

Track Councils - Content curators and influencer panels who run a content track mostly grouped further in expertise-based, thematic councils.

More councils and teams are created as needed to boost industry progress and to drive business forward.

Hotlink is about small things done consistently.


User Groups with deep and practical experience in dealing with relevant product catrgories come together to define the classification that is best for the overall community.

Classification Councils - Design the most appropriate classification that offers standardization across the sector that spreads universal understanding of product/ technology options with a common language that enables effective choices and decision-assistance.

Consistent Classification Matters - It can deliver multiplier benefits to one and all. It is a means to setup product options for easy discovery, comparison and decision-assitance for better choices faster.

Hashtags - Classification Councils also define the relevant hanstags to build a tree of attributes for each product category which are then used for search and filter - to shorten the user journey to what she/he is looking for.

Hotlink Classification Labs - Active Classification Council Members have access to the Hotlink Classification Labs, for the expo or for the industry, where norms and standards are debated with fellow council members before being published for comments by the overall community or finally for use.

Invite Deliberations - While Classification Councils pool their experiences and expertise, they also invite open comments from across the community to broaden the considerations in developing and improving the classification. Idea is that it should be relatable for everyone across the community.

More Councils are created within one product category as needed to deep dive into each of the product sub-categories.

Open new avenues to drive business forward.


Cut the clutter and organize content into collections that enable meaningful clarity for the audience to arrive at the actionable tipping point - to achieve the intended purpose and outcomes; be it to shift beliefs, boost growth, trigger reforms, influence change, assist decisions etc. Tracks amplify the voice and opinions.

Context is prime to make it meaningful and actionable - hence the content tracks are designed like collections of content that are organized to fit-for-purpose.

Hotlink tracks are like editorials, columns, blogs or compilers. Depending on the agenda, topics or goals; tracks are freely designed, organized and curated as deemed appropriate to engage industry professionals while leveraging the wide reach of expo visitors.

Tracks are not designed like social media where posts are streamed in a chronology ie based on the time of posting. Even with use of search and hashtags that filter posts, the order of content remains random. Not doubting the benefits of viral effect, trend building and related recall value - it still remains random. Lasting change and fundamental reforms need more structured information to cut the clutter and arrive at the tipping point - that provides both the big-picture clarity and deep-dive understanding; enabling beliefs to shift and true consensus to emerge.

Hotlink tracks borrow elements from periodicals for batch-releases of stories; from white-papers for organizing in cognitively logical flows; and from jigsaws for the visualization, appeal and user-experience of the big picture. Stories may be higher on impact, meaning or resonance irrespective of the time of release. Also, some may be evergreen while others may be low on shelf-life. The industry initiatives, decision-assistance and many other reference-worthy material need to collated into collections that are of service to the professionals and companies.

Tracks are owned by a Hotlink member or collectively by a group of Hotlink members. They name and brand the tracks in their context and define an overview for the same as they deem fit-for-purpose. This ownership gives credit for the work done and delivered to the target audience. The stories published in the track or other online activities run in the track are run by the track owners - some may use it like a newsletter while some industry leaders and industry bodies leverage it to promote their cause and brands exploit it as a marketing opportunity to trigger growth.


We collaborate with diverse set of partners for each of the Hotlink Online Expo Events to leverage engagement of common target audience. Partners promote their own mission and industry agendas - and may also collaborate with other partners to promote common interests, advance overlapping agendas/ goals, for joint initiatives or more.

We regularly liaise with each of the partners to define a roadmap of involvement. We continually drive and monitor the co-creation of value alongside alignment of expectations based on mutual understanding.

Although every expo is differently structured as appropriate for the industry, participants and audience, generally we seek partners in the following types:

  • Government Partners - We deliver our responsibility to create a special pedestal for the leaders from government, governmental organization and public services to promote and engage the industry stakeholders and audience
  • Industry Partners - Associations, chambers and industry bodies representing the voice of many sectors, segments or stakeholders
  • Knowledge Partners Subject matter experts and though-leaders with deep industry insights and analysis
  • Pavilion Partners - National/ international trade promotion bodies
  • Media Partners - News and publishing houses with strong subscriber-base in the industry
  • Digital Marketing Partners - Service providers who wish to showcase their capabilities to the industry audience while meaningfully advancing the design, engagement and prominence of the expo
  • Strategic Partners - Upside of any nature through a mutually enriching collaboration
  • Academia Partners - Education bodies with a deep focus and specialization on areas of interest to the target audience of this expo
  • Associate Partners - Service providers with complementing offerings that they can showcase to the audience while meaningfully advancing the design and engagement of the expo


Why Exhibit?

  • Market access - discover new connections; visibility with potential customers and decision-makers; connect with people who matters
  • Product showcase with easy and highly coordinated interface with your target audience
  • Brand visibility and positioning - reinforce and build equity for your brand to strengthen new and repeat business
  • Effective product launches
  • Content marketing - highlight your innovations, technology, differentiation and value proposition with endorsements from KOLs, awareness for end-users and more
  • Customer engagement and education
  • Sales promotions
  • Discover new distributors
  • Create anticipation for newer offerings or deals
  • Spark and leverage impulse with sales promotions
  • Digitize distribution networks
  • Lead generation
  • Sense the market, evolving business landscape and the competitive environment
  • Market research to gauge reactions and feedback for products and services
  • Sales force automation and CRM
  • Extend into connected enterprise with one-to-one commerce and end-to-end visibility
  • The gathering of one and all across the industry with many benefits for sectoral convergence
  • Many more avenues to drive business forward

Why on Hotlink and not on the company website? Simply put, inclusion drives participation. Birds of the same feather flock together. After all, We are all in it together in the marketplace - hence to win it is important to also compete in the open. Anyhow, this is not a choice of company website ‘or’ Hotlink - instead this is company website ‘and’ Hotlink.

Who Should Exhibit - The product categories are listed in the item classification tree on top of the expo.

Item Classification - Goods and services are classified by the Classification Councils as deemed most appropriate for the segments for industry professionals. It continues to evolve dynamically with changing product options and technologies.

Reinvent now. Choice is between disruption or death.
Rethink market access. Redesign go-to-market models.


Well-crafted combination of product, brand and business pages

Product Pages - showcase goods and services and generate leads via product queries and trade inquiries. In addition to the standardized portion of the product page template, sections are provided with the text editor for rich HTML content - this enables you to style, design and present product information as per your unique brand guidelines. This is no different from a booth/ stand in a physical event, where booths follow a standard layout but the stand inside it is as per your brand guidelines. The standardized fields and outline of the product template allow efficiency for users to browse effectively across multiple brands.

Brand Pages - tell your brand story and identify your brand values besides providing your product portfolio for this brand in one place. Like the business page, the brand page allows you to engage, update and support your existing customers and target audience as per your strategy.

Business Page works like a microsite of sorts for your company to present its own information or may simply be used to direct traffic to your own company website. This page automatically organizes your brands and items into one place. Linked to every product page, it allows visitors to browse more product options from your company. This may also be used to engage, update and support your existing customers and target audience.

Content Marketing, Customer Engagement and Influencer Endorsements

Content Pages - each premium user entitles you to many webpages in the CMS (content management system). Use these to publish regularly and link these pages into your business page, brand pages and product pages to boost customer engagement.

Own Tracks (branded as per your choice) - frequent periodic broadcast on your own track proves to be a highly effective for high-impact marketing. Some ideas around that:

  • Promote your thought-leadership and technologies
  • Influencer marketing - Engage KOLs to write for you
  • Endorsements - publish user experiences and stories
  • Build brand credibility with success stories and historic milestones
  • Market development with insightful comparitives
  • Evidence based technology updates
  • Educational material on your technologies and products

Run Stories - If you do not wish to run your own track, the expo offers opportunity to run standalone stories which are posted into general open tracks.

Boost Sales & Distribution

Sales Leads New Business, Trade Deals & Promotions

Open and free messaging for product queries and trade inquiries - Each product has many messaging options to spark interactions that convert into new business. Makes it easy for traders to contact you or your distributors and kickstart business dealings. Leverage RFQs - Buyers publish request for quotations and reduce effort for sourcing deals.

Flash promotions - Cut short the Chinese whisper in sales promotions. Reduce administration in release and execution of schemes to boost sales, seasonal deals, stock liquidation etc.

Distribution Network Mapping makes it easier to find authorized network of distributors of your brands and products across markets. This may also be setup to directly allow end-customers to connect with their local distributor. There are features that also allow you to highlight ‘looking for distributors’ for identified markets.

  • #BusinessNeverStops
  • #DoMoreBusiness
  • #OutperformTogether
  • #Hotlink
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