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Integration with Enterprise Applications


Maximize your ROI through seamless integration with enterprise applications

We enable you to maximize your ROI through seamless integration with legacy systems and core enterprise applications, overcoming the challenge of overlapping technologies

Unified view
You need unified view of the data, one process and seamless experience of the overarching functionalities across all systems deployed in your business. Our integration services facilitate the flow of information between our platform/ applications and other software systems. Once integrated, frequent updates across applications can be automated to reduce the risk of errors, wasteful duplication and create a single real-time view of your data.

Flexibility in configuring APIs
We offer flexibility when configuring APIs and other integration settings that allow you to manage data from multiple sources to best suit your business purpose. As you transact in the multi-enterprise mode on our platform, you still continue to ensure that your ERP or other IT applications are up-to-date and all integrated systems are synchronized.