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Seamless Updates and Upgrades on the Cloud Platform

We continue to make refinements and enhancements to improve the platform and its services. We modify, suspend, or discontinue any features and functionalities on the platform from time-to-time. For example, we may make changes to the materials, user experience and/or services to offer our users a better experience and superior set of applications to serve their goals and to improve their productivity.

As a cloud based service, we will process new releases in a seamless manner that change the features and functionalities, incrementally or substantially as the case may be. We study the pattern of user preferences - through interactions, feedback and usage analysis of our platform. Being a 24x7 live platform, such updates and upgrades are a regular part of use of our services.

For the optimal performance of the services, we provide email alerts and also publish the new release notes with the highlights of the changes.