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Middleware or Full-Stack or Both


Ready for diversity
Both middleware and full-stack are critical to achieve network-wide congruence across the end-to-end multiparty value chain. As principal brands go-to-market through many MSME business partners, full-stack is needed to get all parties in the chain above the common minimum and aligned with standardized workflows for context and correlation. This facilitates open inclusion irrespective of business size, nature or maturity of business automation. Despite level/ stage of automation, choice of ERP or nature of IT-system. Easy on boarding of even the smallest and remotest of trade partners.

Enabling deeper interoperability and standardization
Whilst most middleware build a bridge that maps data input/output between multiple applications, they do not aid in interoperability and standardization for discipline, transparency, accountability etc. Our common cloud chain goes deeper to create shared processes and event correlations - beyond mere data interchange, it also opens newer capabilities to work-in-tandem with better controls and compliances.

Advanced ERP modules leverage as a middleware
Well deployed ERP modules simply integrate to leverage paperless efficiency, end-to-end visibility and more.