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Flexible & Modular Frameworks


Design for Open Context with Flexible and Modular Frameworks

Design for open context
Avoid coding rigid practices and hardcoded activities. Higher level design allows configurations allow users to govern their own processes and workflows. For instance, in order-to-cash processes, platform allows the account to define order types itself, opening possibilities to configure diverse commercial arrangements, revenue models, tax regimes etc.

Each company opts to make it fit-to-business
Deployment choices map structures and organization into the platform

Standardization with room for diversity
Freedom within the framework. Cross-company standardization does not take away unique nuances and choices in every company account. It is like a living complex with similar looking towers, apartments, common areas and shared facilities but full freedom for people to setup inside each apartment by their own choice.

Flexible response to changing requirements
Frameworks enable easy adaptation to align with newer realities - making it as simple as tweaking in many cases.