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Issue Resolution


Smart incident handling processes in-house with escalation to us for smooth operations.

We encourage and support you to develop Superusers as the first line of support for your end users, including basic troubleshooting for the platform services. This helps in maintaining deeper context of the business while providing resolution to day-to-day transactional matters and also helps to maintain utmost confidentiality of business information.


In-house system administrator or module-wise superuser is the most effective way to manage day-to-day operational challenges. Depending on individual roles, the skillset of platform related workflows are like using MS-Office applications - many users learn from each other

Support Tickets

When the superuser cannot resolve the issue, escalation to our teams are done. We provide issue resolution support in an organized manner with prompt responses - all depending on the classification and severity of the issue being reported. If you would like support for the services other than the support using reference of online documentation provided without charge, you may enroll for higher level support in accordance with the terms of the User Support Guidelines. Levels of user support range from email to phone to remote screen sharing and on-site in-person.