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Hotlink Digital Events

Live Opportunities Round-the-Year Round-the-Clock

Hotlink is the Cloud Trade Center - a web campus hosting many online digital events connecting people to opportunities and ideas around a digitized collection of brands and products with engaging content and networks. Besides many expo, tradeshows and conferences, Hotlink enables linking of trade networks and multilevel chains, management of private product portfolios with personalized collections, custom digital contracts, trade deals, product promotions and new business leads.
Structural Components - Most Online Expo Events hosted on the Cloud Trade Center are structured into segment tradeshows, conference tracks, trade networks, private portfolios and custom digital contracts (with opportunity to extend into eCommerce and full Conneccted Enterprise functionalities).
Periodic Refresh - Rotational focus renews engagement and eases the overload of ongoing information explosion into periodical batches. Scheduling weekly tracks organizes schedules attention, anticipation and participation for better business outcomes.
Products, People & Thinking

Product Showcase & Brand Options

Digitize your collection - Showcase your brands, products and services online. Build an online showroom. Segment Tradeshows - help build focused collections that are organized by defined target audience; and served specific purpose. Tailored Classification is setup in each tradeshow to help curate and navigate with ease. Country Pavilions are setup for effective trade facilitation.

Influencers & Inspirers

See and Be Seen - Faculty and delegates come together to further indiustry agendas and to shape sectoral environments for a better business world. Exchange ideas and insights which reach and remain available for anytime anywhere access by wide set of industry professionals. Lifetime Luminaries are celebrated and recognized for their contributions in shaping the business and sector over decades of sweat and perseverance.

Latest Thinking & Trending

Conference Tracks - are carefully chosen and scheduled by the knowledge partners and faculty on high-priority areas and hot-topics. Publich updates on variety of areas to build collaborative spirit and mobilize mutual alignment at-large. Plus keep everyone in the know on events and announcements. Editorial Moderators contribute by building threads of multiple viewpoints and analysis of different perspectives towards a blended voice of the sector for a better future. Quotes and Brief Commentary are viable with ease of a live industry whiteboard and enable leaders to continually mobilize thinking. Tell a compelling story that triggers desired outcomes, positive change and progress-at-large.
Networking, Deals & Promotions

Map & Grow Your Networks & Multilevel Chains

Many-to-many multilevel networks - Link multilevel distribution networks and many-to-many non-linear web of trade arrangements. Redeign networks on-the-go without delays. View network tree as your trade partners appoint partners further down the channel. Discover and reconnect - Find and get found by new trade partners. Rapidly contract and be transaction-ready. Publish to flag when looking for distributors or vendors. Stay-in-touch - Leverage continued connectivity on The Common Cloud platform to manage and engage a large network.

New Business, Trade Deals & Promotions

Open and free messaging for product queries and trade inquiries - Each product has many messaging options to spark interactions that convert into new business. Makes it easy for traders to contact you or your distributors and kickstart business dealings. Flash promotions - Cut short the Chinese whisper in sales promotions. Reduce administration in release and execution of schemes to boost sales, seasonal deals, stock liquidation etc. RFQs - Buyers publish request for quotations and reduce effort for sourcing deals.

High Impact Marketing & Brand Exposure

Brand visibility - Tell your brand story. Publish to communicate your differentiation. Brand pages offer a canvas for you to express what you like, when you like and the way you like. Influencer marketing - Publish endorsements from KOLs and key endusers to build credibility for your products and brands. Skip-level Programs allow higher trade outcomes from 1+n level traders in your ecosystem.
High Engagement with High Convenience and High Context

Periodic Spotlight

One-periodical-batch-at-a-time allows many things to be covered with adequate focus. Rotational Updates highlight new product launches, featured products, featured brands, featured deals, notable influencers and featured stories - much like a periodical magazine. Reader-friendly - periodic cycle makes it easier for the delegates to absorb things meaningfully without over-burdening them with an explosion of ongoing content.

Web Conferencing & Online Meetings

In-person meetings and group calls - We leverage efficient online tools (like Zoom) it is now simple and easy to organize in-person meetings and group calls. Webinars are scheduled from time to time to advance exchange of ideas and insights; and to promote learning and knowledge-sharing.

Communities, Groups & Local Circles

We partner with associations and industry groups to enable communities and local circles to advance their own agendas with the leverages of an online platform.
Digital Contracts, Private Portfolios & Opportunity to Extend into Connected Commerce

One-to-One Digital Contracts

Item master management - Central masters are starting point for transactional accuracy, supply assurance and data hygiene. Many controls are embedded in the masters along with cascading barcode scanning setup for the network. Lock custom 1:1 contracts - Setup commercial terms by market, by timeline and by customer. Easily manage price revisions - Plot new pricing to a timeline and the platform shifts automatically without interruptions with zero downtime.

Private Portfolios for Personalized Collections

Custom Classification - Every business has their unique ways to manage both buy-side and sell-side product portfolios. We factor this by offering tradeshow-like functionalities to every business to organize private portfolios and personalized collections around their own custom product classifications. Create Once Map Everywhere - What makes it possible is that sellers do not need to duplicate the efforts to recreate their products - instead they simply map the products to multiple tradeshows to match your context. Organize portfolios in context for your supplier/customer segments.

Extend into Connected Enterprise with One-to-One Commerce and End-to-End Visibility

Natively integrated on the same platform - you always have the flexibility of a smart and scalable option to upgrade your repeat business transactions with any or all of your trade partners into a seamless business. Explore more at or contact us for further information.

Advantages of Online Expo Events

Compared to traditional trade conferences, online expos offer many advantages. From limited time to round-the-year round-the-clock (365-24/7). From expensive participation (high travel costs involved) to economical inclusion. From scheduling clashes to anytime anywhere access. From rushed interactions and introductions to freely discovering connections globally. From tiring overload to high focus and attention. From limited speaker slots to welcoming influencers to share freely.
Round the year Round the clock - Weekly refresh renews engagement with periodic releases and maintains on adequate attention and focus. It is not rushed - thus enables self-paced exploring and interactions.
Convenience of Anytime Anywhere Access - No scheduling clashes - pace-it as you like. Even while on-the-go. Highly productive - and encourages participation.
Product Listing - Create Once Map Everywhere (COME) - No duplication of efforts - the content is published in multiple tradeshows.
Low-Cost and Economical - No travel costs. No expensive booths.
Business Leads are Free - No charges per lead - free generation of business leads - for most businesses just one lead can yield returns that are higher than many years (even up to 5 years) of participation fee.
Wider Inclusion and Participation - Only a small fraction of industry professionals attend events - over time, all industry professionals with online access participate in online expo events on the cloud trade center.
More Faculty for Stronger Blend of Views and Ideas - From limited speaker slots to welcoming influencers to share freely. Scheduling into many conference tracks that come into rotational prominence in the weekly spotlight.
Mutually Enriching Long-term Partnerships - Industry bodies, knowledge partners, media partners and many other associations are mutually enriching as we walk the journey together to shape a hyper-connected business world.
Extendable and Scalable Functionalities - Map many-to-many networks and multilevel chains. Securely manage private portfolios and maintain 1-to-1 digital contracts. Also retain the opportunity to extend into full Connected Enterprise functionalities.
Most affordable, straightforward pricing - Low fee per user and per listing with the added benefit of full offset into trade credits. Top it with MSME subsidies. It is a no-brainer.
Designed to be truly B2B - Custom many-to-many network design with multilevel chains, no public pricing to be published, custom 1:1 pricing and contracts, personalized product classifications, complement content with product listing and many more.