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Enterprise-Grade Security & Access Controls

Reliability is paramount - we comply with stringent world-class standards and maintain robust security for data-in-motion, data-in-storage and for applications across the platform.
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Reliable Data Security

Security :: Enterprise-grade reliability and compliance with stringent world-class standards

Design - Proactive protection against OWASP top-10 web application vulnerabilities during design

Client - Modern web browsers only

Communication - Use of SSL for data in transit | SSL with 128-bit AES encryption | Firewall protection | OWASP Top-10

Storage - Use of encrypted disk volumes for data at rest | FIPS 140-2 compliant secure storage, password hashing and encryption of confidential information

Procedural - ISO 27001 compliant cloud solution | IP-restricted access to servers | Individual operator credentials

Hosting - Tier-III hosting provider as per Uptime Institute recommendations | ISO 27001-compliant data center operations policies and procedures | All servers protected by firewalls | No direct access to servers over the Internet | Server access restricted to qualified personnel | Monthly security updates on servers

Audit - Half-yearly security testing and code audit specifically for identifying any security-related vulnerabilities

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Role Based Access Control: Fine-Grained Rights to Segregate Duties & Authority

Map permissions to roles - User rights based on the allocated role or roles | Restricts user access to specific parts of the system based on roles and permissions | Ensures effective delegation of responsibilities | Prevents leakage of privileged business info

Roles provided at both account and unit level - Unit level roles offer granular segregation of duties | Many roles are at the unit-level making it modular | Map organization structure for similar activities done by different people for different business units

Self-managed RBAC - Account self-manages role administration

Enforced for all user actions using a role matrix - All unauthorized access blocked

Explicit role allocation - Default zero - Default access level for all users is zero, that is, no access at all

RBAC is one of the OWASP Top-10 security concerns - In line with recommended global best practices

Secure & Selective Data Sharing

Secure and Selective Data Sharing with Tunnelled Unit Level Integration Protocol (TULIP)

Many-to-Many Overlapping Multi-brand Multiparty Trade Networks - Our proprietary design enables “Tunnelled Unit Level Integration Protocol” (TULIP) for secure and selective data visibility amongst parties

Reseller Unit Maps Only to One Principal Unit - Firewall information visibility between Principals (brand owners) and their resellers (distributors, dealers, channel partners etc.)

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