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Experts are the guiding force in the tri-network ecosystem of Hotlink. They are futurists, thinkers and doers with progressive ecosystem mindset. They contribute and collaborate to inspire and further the mission to Make B2B Digital. They are the torchbearers for timely transition of B2B networks into the seamlessly interconnected digital era - to leverage the inevitable disruption as an opportunity instead of it becoming a cause for disaster.

Hotlink Experts are a worldwide community of professionals passionate to Make B2B Digital. We invite and welcome people from across functions, disciplines, sectors and markets across the world to inspire, innovate and engage with each other on the power of B2B digital to modernize the way businesses work with each other.

Progressive thinkers collaborate in the Expert Network with a strong bias for action as they leverage the Hotlink platform to influence, shape and transform business ecosystems and trade networks for sustained higher performance. Experts contribute individually as influencers, and team with others in shaper forums and/or transformer groups towards collective action to make B2B digital. They seek to maximize outcomes for their business, their sector, and ultimately for business world at large.


Think Tanks

Thought Leaders & Opinion Makers

Influencers are the voice that inspire thinking and action to boost the mission to Make B2B digital. They offer informed opinions, experiential wisdom and evidence-based analyses that spark constructive thinking and conversations on agendas around the mission.

Experts work closely with other Experts; and with Members and Partners to spark, moderate and refine ideas that power the mission. They exchange ideas and build consensus via published work, Q&A, constructive debate etc.


Community Forums

Change Makers

Shapers work with a strong bias for action. They form and participate in forums with deep focus to address sector-specific, cluster-specific or market-specific design needs. Experts connect and engage with other experts for constructive deliberations to arrive at consensus on collective action.

Forums mobilise, promote and encourage inclusion in their networks to maximize outcomes for their market, sector or cluster. Expert Forums nominate and form transformer and transition groups as needed to get things done.


Transition Groups

Design Thinkers

Trasformers are hands-on. They work in focused teams with clear goals - mostly on defined timelines to get things done. Transition groups are formed to achieve specific goals in coordination with one or more shaper forums.

Transformers pool experiential insights to create and refine designs and drive change management. They review and refine plans and progress the of collaborative initiatives.

participate in the Hotlink Expert Network - Join the global community of experts who passionately guide the transformation to Make B2B Digital.

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