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Multilevel Connected Commerce with Real-time End-to-end Visibility

Live visibility and agility with consistency - sustainably enhancing ease and speed of doing business. Reduce customer effort to gain retention and loyalty. Better decisions faster with clean channel data and chain analytics for improved profitability and assurance.

Connected Commerce Delivers Super-CX, Super-BI and Super-PI







Stop going back and forth on emails and phone calls. Reduce customer effort to gain customer loyalty. Customers give more time to those who save their time.


Customer Experience

REDUCE CUSTOMER EFFORT - Customers give most of their time to those who save their time.

OFFER SEAMLESS, CONSISTENT AND ENRICHED BUYING EXPERIENCE - Enrich your customer experience with connected commerce. Live-status tracking reduces anxieties and anytime anywhere access with simplified shared workflows enhances convenience.

UPGRADE RESPONSIVENESS WITH LIVE CUSTOMER TOUCH-POINTS - Permanently resolve one of the top-rated frustrations for customers. Being on The Common Cloud enables rapid response and on-demand live information.

ORCHESTRATE SHARED CUSTOMER JOURNEYS - Shared workflows and shared view of single data-points helps streamline interfaces and handoffs.

ON-DEMAND STRUCTURED CONTENT FOR CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT - Organized product information and related content helps build clarity and confidence. Enable easy interactions for queries and clarity. It also works as a repository for end-user reference.

EASE OF DOING BUSINESS - Common digital setup with no more duplication of creating and maintaining records. Complete transaction assurance and seamless order management and simplified returns.

SPEED OF DOING BUSINESS - Take real-time action for both transactional matters and strategic milestones. Quicker ways to get things done and effectively launch new products and services.

CONTENT MARKETING - Publish credentials, use-cases, endorsements and user experiences along with influencer opinions - all in the context of product information.

CONTRACTUAL ASSURANCE - Setup custom contract terms 1:1 with each customer - securely locked one-to-one. Avoid conflicts and mismatches.

NO NEED TO RECONCILE - With shared view of single data-point references, always remain in sync.


Business Intelligence

CLEAN-N-FRESH DATA - NO MORE STALE REPORTING - Gain powerful insights on a real-time basis for better decisions faster. Unlike stale data from unstructured and untimely reporting with lags and gaps.

CHANNEL DATA AND CHAIN ANALYTICS FOR BETTER DEMAND PLANNING - Get revenue data from across your channel to better analyse and anticipate demand trends.

BOOST SUPPLY ASSURANCE - Smarter order fulfilment with instant triggers and network-wide stock visibility.

REDEFINE RISK APPETITE WITH STRONGER CONTROLS - Easily monitor consignment of stock, loaning of assets and more.

STRONGER INVENTORY MANAGEMENT - Real-time visibility of stock at all branch and channel partner locations; added with stronger inventory controls like FIFO, FEFO etc.

SPEEDY REPLENISHMENT TO AVOID REVENUE LOSS - Avoid revenue loss due to stock-outs with real-time monitoring of stock data set against min/max inventory levels.

REDUCE EXPIRY AND OBSOLECENCE - Higher alignment with trade partners with transparency and accountability.

COMBAT COUNTERFEITING AND INFILTRATION - Unbroken data trails and shared workflows ensure watertight controls over supplies and stocks.

TRACEABILITY FOR PRODUCT SAFETY - Provenance for authenticity and/or effective recall with unique device identification - even across multilevel chains.

WORKING CAPITAL MONITORING - Streamline AP/AR management and inventory holding. Leverage shared data for proactive rotation of slow-moving stocks from low-demand markets to liquidate in high-demand markets.


Performance Optimisation

ACCELERATED PROMOTIONS FOR ACCELERATED GROWTH - Maximize growth with flash promotions with easy administration. Traditional methods are cumbersome and inefficient in market reach and sales execution. Get Hyper to grow.

OPTIMISE DISTRIBUTION PERFORMANCE AND TRADE PARTNER ALIGNMENT - Enjoy higher alignment with trade partners with transparency and accountability.

ROBUST VENDOR MANAGEMENT - Efficient ways with no room for differences and disputes.

MULTIPLY SALES PRODUCTIVITY - Combined with our sales automation - salesforce gets hooked to real-time status.

HAPPY EMPLOYEES DOING LESS ADMIN MORE BUSINESS - Switch time from non-value-added to more strategic activities. With complete transaction assurance, remove frustrating tasks of follow-ups, manual data entry and line-entry matching - and upgrade the employees to more engaging, brainy and strategic work.

EFFECTIVELY MANAGE TAXATION AND RELATED COMPLIANCES ACROSS FEDERAL BOUNDARIES - Ready for multi-market and multi-national trade. Offers flexibility to setup taxation between any two markets involved in trade.

DATA DEMOCRATIZATION - Live access to relevant data and content - besides keeping everyone on the same page, gives emoloyees a sense of empowerment.

STREAMLINE SUPPLY CHAIN OPERATIONS - Shared processes across trade networks with shared view of transactional, stock and sales records and live-status tracking - continuously improves and maintains the overall health of supply chain.

IMPROVE PROFITABILITY - Gain margins and cut costs in many ways with increased leverages from connected trade networks, reduced write-off of expired and non-moving stock, sales/staff time productivity, better working capital and many more.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - Collaborate with trade partners, salesforce and functional staff to drive progress - transform to more connected scenarios and streamline working together.

Gain powerful insights on a real-time basis for better decisions faster. Get clean-n-fresh data - unlike stale data with lags and gaps from unstructured and untimely reporting.

Top 5 Components of HyperB2B

Harmonize Masters & Contracts

Item master management - Central masters are starting point for transactional accuracy, supply assurance and data hygiene. Many controls are embedded in the masters along with cascading barcode scanning setup to the network.

Lock custom 1:1 contracts - Setup commercial terms by market, by timeline and by customer.

Easily manage price revisions - Plot new pricing to a timeline and the platform shifts automatically without interruptions with zero downtime.

Cloud Commerce

Order Management - Slash order lead times with electronic ordering. Many easy ways to process orders and repeat orders. Flexible framework provided to configure order types - huge leverage to custom fit to your business context.

Fulfilment Supply & Tracking - Plan, pick, pack and ship efficiently without loss of controls. Achieve higher rates of perfect orders with shorter TAT. Build stronger anticipatory readiness for faster and timely replenishments to avoid loss of revenue owing to missing shelf stock.

Bill Passing, Credit Control, AP-AR - 90% reduction in matching invoices and payments - AP/AR tracked-settled-reconciled with mirrored-records between seller and buyer. Systematic invoice settlement with auto-alerts to keep multiparty in-sync on account balances and dues.

Stock & Consignment

Multilocation Stock - Central control over stock in many locations across the network. Set min-max levels across multi-location stock holding. Setup and manage stock transfers across the network.

Multilevel Consignment - Robust controls and visibility of consigned stock. Tagged by ownership, tracking done on supplies across multilevel chains.

Channel Stock Management - Gain visibility of stock at channel locations and setup variety of controls to optimize holding, FIFO/FEFO norms and more.

Assets, Demos & Loaners

Listing and Classification - Build category hierarchy; define states in context of your business and type of assets; capitalize assets from stock - specially for demos and loaners.

Allocation Rules - user and 3rd party - Define user and 3rd party allocation rules by asset category - who can request for what, central allocation vs by-request, active for allocation by-state

Scheduling, Supply and Records - Assets in circulation more often than not go out of control - but not when managed through the streamlined seamless and shared workflows on The Common Cloud. From request for allocation; to scheduling in a calendar view, transfers and records with live accountability of custody and location.

After Sales Service & Claims

Installed Base Recording - Automatic recording of capital items sold to end customers through the order management flow, including configuration of capital items on the platform and tagging of capital items for the purposes of tracking after-sales activities.

Warranty/ AMC Tracking and Claims - Capture start and end dates of coverage. Match the same with claims at a piece level with serial number tracking to validate claims.

Service Tickets and Spares - Setup ticketing for service requests. Use the order module to setup a separate order type for repairs - and create an easy to track standardized workflow for repair orders and billings. Manage spares inventory across the service network.