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The Process & Sync Advantage

Shared processes for seamless interoperability & controls, harmonize and real-time-sync even highly frequent changes to masters and commercials, build operational resilience, manage inventory complexities, assets, demos & loaners, after-sales ops and more.

Shared processes for seamless interoperability & controls - Standardization of shared workflows makes operations smoother and efficient. Strong controls and accountability.

Frequent changes to masters and commercials - Constant need for harmonization for transaction readiness, high SKU proliferation, frequent launches, short product lifecycles, iterative variants.

Build operational resilience - Resilience in supply chain, OTIF (on-time in-full) levels, agility through visibility across the network, perfect order fulfilment amidst uncertainty, proactive/ prompt replenishments, reliable consistent processes.

manage inventory complexities - Pipeline stock levels, multi-location transfers, multilevel consignment, expiry and obsolescence, replenishment cycles. High SKU specificity, cannibalising item attributes, multiple sizes, colours, styles etc., needs real time data-driven navigation with end-to-end visibility to rotate effectively.

Assets, demos & loaners - manage movement and control custody to/from employees, trade Partners and customers.

After-sales ops - Installed base tracking, warranty/AMC claims, spares stock pipeline, service tickets.

The Process & Sync Advantage

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