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Connected Enterprise :: How?

Standalone ERP/IT systems are like a mobile device without network connectivity - it has the processing power to operate apps locally but no network connectivity. Blatantly limiting, isn’t it! That too in this increasingly interconnected world. When disconnected for any reason, we often say that my phone is dead. Means no different for your standalone enterprise systems.
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How? - Multiparty Cloud Platform

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Get People, Products and Companies Hyper-Connected for Hyper-Performance

Make B2B Digital - Get businesses closer and aligned. Link and sync businesses end-to-end with customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and salesforce - and break the silos to avoid downsides of disjointed chains and networks.

Transform from disjointed silos to hyper-connected sync

In a business world with disappearing borders, the common cloud multiparty platform enables brands to orchestrate multiparty multilevel silos to thrive together in the hyper-integrated RED-ecosystem (real-time end-to-end digital ecosystem).

How? - Platform Imperatives

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Silos cause fragmentation which comes with recurring economic consequences. By removing silos on a shared platform businesses cut transaction processing costs, improve the ease of doing business, enhance producitivity, boosts business agility and supercharges collaborative performance.

Wide-scale affordability and full-stack applications are important to overcome the digital divide; and to address the diversity challenges for businesses of different sizes to connect and work together to jointly deliver on the commitments to customers.

Multiparty Cloud by Original Design

Originally built as a multiparty multilevel platform - Not an arm-twisted version of enterprise applications

Entire business community - Flexibly and securely configure the business/trade relationships with other businesses (customers, distributors, suppliers), third-party-entities, field force and other persons to create a digital map of your entire business community - all in one place.

Cloud Computing - Mapping anyone with anytime anywhere access. Only cloud computing has the potential to build a cross-border and trans-sectoral common shared platform.

Open & Neutral

Multinational, Multisector - Design and map both national and multinational trade networks.

Flat (not hierarchical) - Every business manages their account - which is equally empowered like anyone else - no one is a shadow account to anyone else. No account is controlled by any other account. Anchored (key stone) vs everybody equal

Trust and safety (unbiased) - Non-discriminatory positioning on an independent platform maintains arms-length segregation that critically offers psychological comfort to assure a sense of security against competitive dilution. It instils data hygiene, nurtures a climate of openness and fuels collaboration.

Diversity Inclusion - Included irrespective of business size, nature or maturity of business automation. Despite level/ stage of automation, choice of ERP or nature of IT-system. Easy on boarding of even the smallest and remotest of trade partners.


Many-to-many vs Point-to-point - As a connected enterprise on WONEX you link your business with customers, distributors, suppliers, salesforce, service, marketing, supply chain and more - delivering many advantages for higher sustained performance.

Overlapping Trade Channels - Safely work alongside other brands in the non-exclusive web of overlapping trade networks. Channel partners no longer need separate computers for each brand.


Single-tier is limiting - Product changes hands many times before it reaches the end-consumer - the supply relays from one to next to another and so forth - these chains are crucial for deeper market penetration or widen geographic reach. It then becomes important to resolve complexities owing to opacity of the (1+n) degree trade partners. Primarily, because brand reputation remains affixed with the company even when the product changes hands many times in multilevel trade chains.

Multilevel traceability - End-to-end data trails are crucial for holistic value-creation and assurance. Distribution chains face rising complexity with rising responsibility for auditable provenance for product authenticity and/or traceability for recalls.

Skip-level visibility - Enables strong business intelligence to emerge on a real-time and truly end-to-end basis.


No Data Use Without Permission - On WONEX your data is completely safe - you own, control, use and share your data.

Safe from Other Accounts - While the platform offers visibility options, you entirely control the sharing of your data. Watertight sharing frameworks are deployed only in reseller trade arrangements. Brands are securely mapped and firewalled by TULIP (Tunnelled Unit Level Integration Protocol).

Safe from Data Sale - Many platforms claim to use it at a broader cumulative level - but we explicitly state that we do not do that as we are not in the business of selling data or data reports. Besides monitoring usage of your account, we do not access or analyse any data or content in your account.

Safe from Private Label Alternatives - Nor do we use the data to garner any competitive intelligence to float competing products on a private label.

Safe from Users within the Account - Role-based Access Control allow segregation of rights to view and edit.

Privacy & Personalization

Configurable to fit into any business context - highly adaptable as every business is unique - Every business is unique - more so in B2B arrangements. Platform offers flexibility to fit-for-purpose in your unique business context.

No Publicly Published Pricing - B2B brands avoid publishing pricing in public to protect competitive positioning and keeping their strategic headroom for deal closure

1-to-1-Contracts - B2B contracts may vary by every trade partner - we even offer many different contracts with one party (needed when billings are done based on customer segment)

Full-stack as an Equalizer to Bridge the Digital Divide

Fill-up Gaps for Interoperability - While for some it may initially seem like an overlap with ERP functionalities, the primary purpose it serves is to bridge the gap for MSME traders or other SMB operations in low-revenue markets where IT systems are not equally advanced to enable advanced operational automation of shared workflows.

Wide Scope - WONEX has a full-stack of applications across buy-side, sell-side, salesforce automation, CRM, after-sales and more. Deployed for both upstream and downstream operations. Many business networks on one cloud platform - sales, distribution, supply chain, warehousing, 3PL, procurement, service and more. Design supply chain as a true reflection of your ever-evolving business strategy.

Address complex scenarios - Ever evolving needs to jointly deliver upon commitments to customers and to shape newer go-to-market formats with superior engines for growth and profitability.

Mix Content & Commerce

B2B Buyers do thorough research - Institutional buyers conduct research in detail before making buying decisions.

Not impulse buyers - B2B buyers base their purchase decisions on evidence-based facts and material.

Reference Resources in One Place - Facilitate ease and speed of buying decisions.

Secure & Integration-friendly

Enterprise-grade Security - WONEX has reliable enterprise-grade security and complies with world-class technology standards.

Plug into Enterprise Applications - Work alongside legacy systems. Leverage one-to-many integration.

Integrate Once to Integrate with Many (not point-to-point) - Each account just integrates once to the platform and they seamlessly trade with all other subscribers on the platform.

Direct-Use Option Available - Simply login to any browser with anytime anywhere convenience and use it directly for advanced functionalities

Easy & Economical

Anytime Anywhere Convenience - Fully browser based for anytime anywhere access.

On-the-Go Rollout - One at a time, Pace-it and phase-it, Not a huge project to setup. The transformation is not a consuming and extensive Implementation. Allows you to pace-it and phase-it with a completely modular approach without straining resources & bandwidth - one segment of distributors or vendors or customers at a time or one market, one BU or even one party at a time.

Risk-free Pay-for-Use Arrangement - WONEX is easy to adopt - on-the-go with hassle-free “as-a-service” arrangement (no upfront capital or commitment)

Amazingly Controlled Total Cost of Ownership - Important to compare at TCO-to-TCO (total cost of ownership)

MSME Subsidy - We boost adoption by MSME traders with a financial incentive via a generous MSME Subsidy. Wide-scale affordability is important factor for minimizing the digital divide.

Explore Hotlink to create more opportunities for growth and efficiency with coordinated business networks - Join the global ecosystem of professionals, products, brands and companies getting hyper-connected for hyper-performance.

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