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Connected Enterprise :: What?

Standalone ERP/IT systems are like a mobile device without network connectivity - it has the processing power to operate apps locally but no network connectivity. Blatantly limiting, isn’t it! That too in this increasingly interconnected world. When disconnected for any reason, we often say that my phone is dead. Means no different for your standalone enterprise systems.
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What? - Need to Remove the Silos

Immediate Imperative - breaking silos to avoid downsides of disjointed chains. Inefficiencies, interruptions and inconsistencies amongst trade partners are the cause of hidden costs, waste and frustrations. Manual interfaces, disjointed processes and broken trade chains are inherently inefficient - non-value-add activities, duplication, delays and disputes.

Silos are expensive and consuming speed-breakers - with no place in this fast-paced interconnected world. Get hyper-connected for hyper-performance - no more going back and forth.

Even the most efficient silos are not effective: While the traditional focus is on creating efficient silos within the organization, progressive businesses strengthen horizontal processes for internal efficiencies and joint processes for external efficiencies.

Data Silos

Harmonization & Visibility. From opaque info to combined intel for better decisions faster. End-to-end visibility across multifunctional, multi-location, multiparty and multilevel chains. From mostly-stale reported data to always fresh real-time data.

Process Silos

Standardization & Handoffs. From faulty handoffs to standardization of workflows. Interoperability across multiparty multilevel chains. Higher alignment, accountability and assurance. Predictable performance.

Content Silos

Context & Narrative. From broken and missing context to clarity with anytime anywhere content - know better, do better. Narrative empowers and adds the human side to insight - it matters to learn, explain, consent and sell. Big picture and deep understanding for high impact decisions.

Technology Silos

Automation & Agility. Despite differences in level of automation - common minimum to assure performance levels. Exploit the speed of information. Real-time triggers for rapid response.

Cost Silos

Productivity & Scale. Workforce productivity. Non-value-added time. Collective economies of scale. Consolidate scale to maximize utilization

Get over the wasteful back and forth of silos

Traditional trade formats are outdated - slow, unresponsive, uncoordinated and opaque. Almost all B2B trade partners recognize the need to change, but are struggling to shift to more modern online methods of trade. Manual interfaces of order processing via phone calls, emails, fax, courier, spreadsheets etc. are clearly inefficient, cumbersome, error-prone and expensive. Disjointed handoffs compound the already rising complexities in the buy-sell processes. Employees on either side of the trade waste time chasing, matching and reconciling data instead of investing time into more strategic and value-add tasks.

Silos operate through inherently inefficient manual processes with duplicative back-n-forth in inter-party interfaces. Opaque and expensive silos slowdown business and breakdown scale with poor customer responsiveness - as this clearly lacks coordination and convenience. This leads to unavoidable rework, duplication and non-value-add tasks like manual data entry, line-level matching, data verifications etc.

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