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Originally Multiparty - Designed for Trust

Right from inception the WONEX Platform is designed for Multiparty Multilevel functionality with steadfast neutrality for open inclusion to manage diversity across MSMEs.
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Multi-Tenant Environment

Your Data is Completely Safe

Analogy: modern parking lot (data at rest) - Imagine a multi-storey parking lot. Car owners using this parking lot continue to own their respective cars. As they park and lock their cars, no one else can access their cars or drive away with it. A well organized and guarded parking lot, in many ways, is much safer than a private garage - since it is administered by highly qualified personnel equipped with advanced resources, deploying the latest infrastructure, under surveillance and constantly monitored. Likewise our platform ensures that data is stored on encrypted disks, restricted access unless explicitly allowed by your roles, even back-end access to database servers strictly restricted to authorized personnel, that too on need-basis only and from mapped-IP physical locations only. Data in a multi-tenant environment is safe!

Analogy: internet services provider (data in motion) - Companies regularly subscribe to data services from ISPs and telecoms. While standard data threats are addressed, they are not concerned about sharing the services with other companies including competitors. Likewise, the multi-tenant environment on our platform, complies with stringent requirements for data security. In digital times the power of information is upgraded to collective data sources flushed real-time across the end-to-end value chain. Data silos might seemingly be more secure, but insufficient to deliver seamless interoperability across multiparty chains. In the sharing economy, multi-tenant environments provide the advantage with safety.

Entrust the Platform with Your Data

Good Reasons to Trust the HX-Platform with Your Business Data

We do not buy/sell data - We are not in the business of selling data nor using it for any market research, sector reports or otherwise. Our focus is sharp and clear on our services. Hence, no intent nor motivation to misuse anyone’s data.

Leaving no room for data misuse - No unauthorized access of data | Platform is designed and deployed in a manner that restricts no unintended access of data | Role based access controls with zero default access | Even the service team has no access to data in any account unless granted by the account admin | Back-end is stringently controlled on a need based access only

Detailed confidentiality clauses in master agreement - Explicit legal safeguards in the master agreement applicable to all subscribers on the platform

Shared Platform with Competitors

On the Same Platform with Other Companies including Competitors

Hyper-connected digital business environment - Individual house owners share the neighbourhood with others and the city with many other inhabitants. Likewise in a hyper-connected digital world, participation on a shared platform unlocks possibilities like never before. Is it avoidable? The leverages are a source of substantial and sustainable business advantage, which if not deployed can be a serious competitive threat.

Our neutrality dilutes vulnerabilities - In addition to data security from a technology standpoint and no intent towards data misuse, our neutrality is a significant safeguard for every subscriber on the platform. Our transparency is reflected in many ways like everybody equal (one account template) and each one to itself (self-managed) - this translates and reinforces our neutrality in practice. Every account is self-managed with no external/admin override on controlling access rights or other business structures and actions.

One master agreement ensures fair play - Whether relativity to competitors, principal brand owners, resellers, distributors and dealers or any other business partner or a customer, the rules of the game are the same for every subscriber. Master agreement is like a common charter or a code of conduct or a book of rights and obligations in the shared service ecosystem.

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