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Cloud Trade Center is a web campus hosting many online expo events connecting people to opportunities and ideas around a digitized collection of brands and products with engaging content and networks. Besides many tradeshows and conferences, CTC enables linking of trade networks and multilevel chains, management of private product portfolios with personalized collections, custom digital contracts, trade deals, product promotions and new business leads.
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Advantages of Online Expo Events

Round the year Round the clock - Weekly refresh renews engagement with periodic releases and maintains on adequate attention and focus. It is not rushed - thus enables self-paced exploring and interactions.

Convenience of Anytime Anywhere Access - No scheduling clashes - pace-it as you like. Even while on-the-go. Highly productive - and encourages participation.

Product Listing - Create Once Map Everywhere (COME) - No duplication of efforts - the content is published in multiple tradeshows.

Low-Cost and Economical - No travel costs. No expensive booths.

Business Leads are Free - No charges per lead - free generation of business leads - for most businesses just one lead can yield returns that are higher than many years (even up to 5 years) of participation fee.

Wider Inclusion and Participation - Only a small fraction of industry professionals attend events - over time, all industry professionals with online access participate in online expo events on the cloud trade center.

More Faculty for Stronger Blend of Views and Ideas - From limited speaker slots to welcoming influencers to share freely. Scheduling into many conference tracks that come into rotational prominence in the weekly spotlight.

Mutually Enriching Long-term Partnerships - Industry bodies, knowledge partners, media partners and many other associations are mutually enriching as we walk the journey together to shape a hyper-connected business world.

Extendable and Scalable Functionalities - Map many-to-many networks and multilevel chains. Securely manage private portfolios and maintain 1-to-1 digital contracts. Also retain the opportunity to extend into full Connected Enterprise functionalities.

Most affordable, straightforward pricing - Low fee per user and per listing with the added benefit of full offset into trade credits. Top it with MSME subsidies. It is a no-brainer.

Designed to be truly B2B - Custom many-to-many network design with multilevel chains, no public pricing to be published, custom 1:1 pricing and contracts, personalized product classifications, complement content with product listing and many more.

Compared to traditional trade conferences, online expos offer many advantages. From limited time to round-the-year round-the-clock (365-24/7). From expensive participation (high travel costs involved) to economical inclusion. From scheduling clashes to anytime anywhere access. From rushed interactions and introductions to freely discovering connections globally. From tiring overload to high focus and attention. From limited speaker slots to welcoming influencers to share freely.